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PLAYBACK – stream all content from your Mac to any PS3, Xbox or even AppleTV 2

Playback Media Server

Playback Media Server

If you are like me, you likely streamed movies from your Mac (Desktop / Laptop) to my jailbroken AppleTV 2 using XBMC (cause who wants to convert all these movies into iTunes playable formats). I shared the movie folder vi SMB and added it under sources in XBMC on AppleTV 2.
That worked fine until I upgraded to Mac OS Lion. Trying to access an existing SMB share times out, adding a new SMB share does not work. Frustration !!

What to do?!

Are printers a thing of the past?

Functioning in a printer-less office” from Unclutterer

Since moving offices more than four months ago, I haven’t yet plugged in my computer’s printer. I keep thinking I’m going to have a reason to use it, but so far that hasn’t been the case. I’ve told myself that if I don’t plug it in by September — the six month mark — I’m going to give the printer to charity.

Living without a printer has become significantly easier in the past couple years. I save important files as PDFs, I attach digital signatures instead of physically signing papers, and I clip articles I want to read to Evernote or InstaPaper instead of printing a copy. And, apparently, I’m not alone in my quest to kick the printing habit.

Google Drive – is it here afterall?!

Google Drive, a New Name for the Google Docs Homepage? from Google Operating System

TechCrunch has recently reported that the subdomain has been added to a Chrome file and a Google Docs message includes a reference to Google Drive.

Losers Meet – Winners Do!

Winners do, losers meet. from Modern Meeting Standard

Mattias e-mailed me this great passage from James Carville & Paul Begala’s 2003 book, Buck Up, Suck Up…and Come Back when you Foul Up. These guys were the masterminds behind Bill Clinton’s two successful presidential election campaigns. Full article here

Give Meeting Feedback Online

The Anonymous Meeting Feedback Tool from Modern Meeting Standard

I once attended a lifeless 90 minute conference call with over 30 attendees on the topic of meeting efficiency. (I wish I was kidding, but I’m not.)Every single day, all over the world, there are too many bad meetings to count. Yet it’s hard to f

Online Productivity Tools

Some Great Links from Guiding Tech via Productivity501

Guiding Tech is a blog that focuses on technology with an emphasis on online productivity tools. It is worth checking out. Here is a sampling of some of the useful posts:

If you enjoy Productivity501, please tell a friend about us because we love new readers.

Are there MacBook Air-like Windows laptops?

★ The New Apple Advantage

Peter Bright wrote a good piece earlier this week at Ars Technica, documenting his attempt to buy a MacBook Air-like Windows laptop (he doesn’t want an Air running Windows using Boot Camp because he doesn’t like Apple’s U.K. keyboard) and finds the experience confusing (too many models to choose from) and expensive (comparatively-equipped machines from Dell, HP, and Lenovo cost considerably more than an equivalent MacBook Air.

E.g., here’s Bright on shopping from Dell:

It’s even worse if I just browse without searching. The options I get are just… meaningless. Yes, I want “Everyday Computing,” so I want an Inspiron. But hang on, I also want “Design & Performance,” so I want an XPS. Wait a second, I want “Thin & Powerful,” too. So maybe I want a Z Series? But the only line that apparently matches my broad search criteria — lightweight, 11-14″ — I wouldn’t even consider because I don’t want a “gaming” laptop, and so I’m never going to click Alienware!

My favorite Cydia (jailbreak) Productivity / Utility Apps on iPhone & iPad

Since there are lots of great applications in the Cydia App Store (& many good ones in iTunes as well ;-) ) and there often is no way of testing them, I thought it might be useful to list my favorite apps many of them which I bought through Cydia.
[Admission: Yes I am a "geek @ heart" and my first paid app came from Cydia and NOT from the iTunes app store!]

My favorite Productivity Apps on iPhone & iPad

Since there are countless applications in the iTunes App store (& many good ones in Cydia) – a multitude of which claim to do the same thing, I have listed my favorite iOS Productivity Apps below. While this post focuses on apps available through iTunes – you can find my favorite Cydia productivity apps here.

iPhone Apps

  1. 1Password Pro
    my favorite password manager – 1Password Pro is a great software to manage strong (read: secure) and unique passwords for all the variuous websites and accounts we all have online. Prior to 1Password, way too often did I use one password for most of my logins. This exposure was a risk I am happily mitigating through the use of 1Password. It includes a password generator & plugins are available for all major browsers with the app available for iOS devices as well. Synchronisation also works great via Dropbox.
  2. Google Authenticator
    The Authenticator app is a great security tool from Google which implements a dynamic token generation for Google’s 2-Step-Verification. This makes your Google account (Gmail, Docs etc) much more secure, since attackers would require access to a token for your account in addition to your username & password.
  3. Evernote
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